Mocha Celis

THE MOCHA CELIS Popular Transvestite Baccalaureate is an inclusive and non-exclusive educational space, focused on gender, sexual and cultural diversity.

In the context of a pandemic and the arrival of COVID-19 in Buenos Aires, we developed a collection of face masks to prevent the spread and spread of the virus.

30% of the proceeds from the sale of each face mask go to the #tejesolidario campaign coordinated by The Transvestite-Trans Popular Baccalaureate MOCHA CELIS

We launched 5 models of printed face masks, we decided to use the brand’s most emblematic motifs, some are more discreet or neutral and others are super colorful.

The outer fabric is a sublimation printed silk, the inside is lined with a stabilizer filter that gives body to the face mask, it also has an additional third layer of pocket-shaped fabric that allows you to add the napkin or tissue paper filters that each one considers necessary. They are 100% washable & reusable.

The function of the face masks is that they cover the area of the mouth and nose well, that they are resistant to be washed regularly and that the internal filters can be changed for greater protection and hygiene.


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