FERAL is a studio created to experiment in the design of functional and fun objects.
The purpose of FERAL’s creations is to integrate design, illustration and play of volumes with different materialities, textures, shapes and colors.


Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Initially in 2016 under the name of Fruto Estudio and after a long journey and the passage of the 2020 pandemic, it was necessary to mutate towards a new approach and path.
FERAL Estudio, currently directed by the designer and founder Florencia Pereira Da Luz, puts the intention in the circular, in new forms of construction and creative exchange.

We seek to promote design, with a more collective approach, guided by intuition and empathy. We believe in collaborations, that there can be new forms of creative exchange to generate new networks between producers, creators and designers.

If you feel like working with us, making a collaboration or just saying hello, write us!

Behind the Design

Florencia Pereira Da Luz

Designer, illustrator & ceramist. Feral Estudio’s director.

Team Feral

Cinthia Celis Solis

Textile Development


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